We have adapted to the digital world to produce short advertisements that convey relevant information and can entertain the audience to hold their attention.

Director of Photography

Freelance Videographer & Photographer I Create Stunning, Eye-Catching Videos For Promos, Products, Athletes & Personal Use. Based In London UK

Editing: Photo & Video

Editing services for both large and small companies, filmmakers, documentary producers, news agencies as well as individual weddings videographers.

Fixers & Transfers

Organising permits, managing transportation and accommodations,, whether shooting in the busy backstreets of central London or in the wild outback of United Kingdom.

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The Resume

Charismatic and creatively talented Videographer to impress your clients, associates, and project stakeholders with flawlessly executed media works: galas, conferences, trade shows, banquets, TV shows, Documentaries and celebratory events.



CV Pedro HG

The Cover Letter

I have seized longstanding roles of increased accountability for primary Broadcasting and Entertainment establishments as a Videographer. In these roles, I have proved and continue to prove myself as an accomplished, take-charge team player with an ability to synchronize diversified departmental functions.

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