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About Me

Not your average filmmaker

Freelance Videographer & Photographer I Create Stunning, Eye-Catching Videos For Promos, Products, Athletes & Personal Use. Based In London UK


I don’t consider myself a filmmaker in the traditional sense. I have never worked on a set of a film, nor have I got the itch to do that. 

The urge I do have though is to make great footage/pictures. Make peoples dream a reality, to show someone a video we made and they go “wow…that looked amazing” 

That is what drives me to do this professionally.  

To film someone’s dream and portray their passion is something that has become a great passion of mine. 

Don’t settle for normal, always look forward, stay positive, be kind and together we can make a whole load of good for each other.

Services offered  Photographer, Videographer, Product Photography & Photography and Videography editing  London UK

- Pedro HG

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